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Optimized utilization of Renewable energy.

ReFabO imparts an all-in-one solution for your requirements on technical assistance with the best eco-friendly and financially feasible solutions. We specialize in renewable energy, fabrication works and oxygen supply for medical needs, with years of experience in meeting our customers’ needs through collaboration with other companies. Our centre of focus is renewable energy, in specific, harnessing the solar energy for commercial and domestic purpose. The other areas where we have proven our expertise in utilizing solar energy are electric vehicles, LED lighting, street lighting, high mask light and so on.

We also deal with domains such as fabrication for manufacturers with a hassle-free strategy, oxygen supply and pipeline installation for saving lives during medical emergencies, IoT, Research & Development. Our services also extend to power trading, Energy Audit and Energy Management System.

Services we offer

Solar PV EPC

ReFabO takes full responsibility of services such as design, engineering, procurement, construction and project management. A highly skilled and dedicated team of ReFabO guarantees the complete project cycle right from concept to commissioning, which includes its operation and maintenance for the lifetime of the system.


We undertake fabrication works as per our customers’ need and convenience. A dedicated team of highly skilled human resource work intensively to meet the needs and wants of the clients within the stipulated time. Our company is keen on the quality of the services provided under the supervision of qualified and experienced engineers. ReFabO has an efficient infrastructure for design, fabrication and installation, and we have invested in developing long-term customer relationships, by providing high quality and timely delivery of all our products.

Bio Gas

Biogas is a gas that is generated by the breakdown of organic matter by anaerobic bacteria and is used in energy production. Biogas is a renewable energy source produced biologically through anaerobic decomposition unlike natural gas which is a fossil fuel produced by geological processes. Biogas combustion results in net reduction in greenhouse gas emission. Additionally, biogas production on farms can reduce the odours, insects and pathogens associated with traditional manure stockpiles.

Rafabo Engineering

What's Refabo's promise?

We are here to make your life worry-free about your electricity bills and to restore the greenery of our planet by providing eco-friendly products and services, which use renewable energy as its source. Here is our mission and vision.

Our Vision

To make optimized utilization of renewable energy to build energy-efficient products, materials, and to provide corresponding services by making use of technological advances, which in turn contributes to the national economy, acts as a foreign exchange earner and also takes our country one step ahead in achieving sustainable development goals among other nations.

Our Mission

To provide financial feasibility by reducing the cost and complexity associated with the services, manufacturing and production of highly efficient eco-friendly products. To provide an environment of mutual growth for all by harnessing the human resources available and advancements in technology.

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